Smoke Signals Studio: A community based music space in Little Haiti, Miami.

When Black American slaves were freed, it took more than two years for the word to reach many slaves in the Southern border states. There were many ways that slaves learned to communicate to each other in the midst of having their language, culture, and religions stripped from them. There are stories of how slaves, inspired by the practice of Native Americans, used smoke signals to communicate. A smoke signal is one of the oldest forms of long distance communication and is used to travel news, danger, or to gather people to a common place. The music we create and support serves as the smoke signals to our community. 

It is with our music that we have created songs of our freedom and illustrated the blues of our suffering. We have found ways to communicate our deepest interior worlds through our music. Our voices are powerful and it is not only what we say that has the capacity to transform our communities but also how we say it. This is where the genius of scatting came to know its power, the spoken word, bepop etc. 

This is a space where individuals in our community invested in using sound and music as a meeting place for transformation and liberation can come to create together. What is a movement without music? What is a people without a song? In the midst of a hyper surveillance society, what do we hold sacred? Music is our form of communication and it is how our messages are delivered. As others try to decipher and decode our language, we know some things cannot be explained. We have learned the skill of coding emotion. 

In order to create this space we needed the help of our community. We believe we have all the resources necessary to manifest a vision in our community so we created a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and raised just over $15,000 for equipment and design of this home studio. The campaign was a testament to the power of speaking a thing into existence. Here we are! Thank you for your support.

We are still accepting DONATIONS through our Indiegogo Campaign CLICK HERE TO DONATE