we met in January 2015 on a delegation to Palestine. phillip is a writer, speaker and a co-founder of The Dream Defenders. Aja Monet is an internationally established poet and educator. We want to develop more creative opportunities for movement leaders, organizers, and community members.  As huge lovers of music, art and culture, we dream of creating with and for dreamers and visionaries.

We believe that art is an anchor - not accessory - to organizing. Our home is the centerpiece for our events. It is where we host our workshops, and where artists come to cook, create and collaborate. It is a place for radical imagination, an instrument of our nurturing hearts, a place of risk, where we dared to laugh, cry, and debate.

Art, books and records of visionaries decorate our walls. A trail of stone footsteps, wild palms, and lizards guide guests into our backyard, where a handmade stage, and hammocked mango trees await; the wind is affirmation, and our neighbors feel at home. In a bewildering world with constant distraction, we cultivate a space for presence; a refuge for artists and organizers like us.